Indian Heart Journal
Thesis Awards
Year 2021

Indian Heart journal
Thesis Awards
for Best Thesis

Indian Heart journal
Thesis Awards
for Best Thesis

Indian Heart Journal CSI Thesis Awards

Cardiological Society of India (CSI) and Indian Heart Journal have constantly endeavored to promote innovative research and inculcate the culture of scientific acumen among students during the formative years of their postgraduate training and beyond. Indeed, this is the foundation on which astute clinicians of the future can be nurtured.

In line with this objective, the Indian Heart Journal, in collaboration with CSI, has instituted the Indian Heart Journal CSI Thesis Awards.

These awards will be held annually and aim to recognize and felicitate innovative and creative research work undertaken by the students pursuing DM/DNB training in the field of Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery. This appreciation and recognition should encourage more students to perform high quality research in diverse areas of cardiology, which shall be vital to advancing and strengthening the field of cardiology.


This is to notify that upon rigorous screening, strict marking scheme and presentation judgements the winners of the Thesis Awards (2020) have been selected.
We thank all the participants who took their time and submitted their thesis.
Congratulations to the winners and Good Luck to everyone for their future endeavors.

Wish you all Good Luck

Indian Heart Journal CSI Thesis Awards (2020) - Winners

1st Runner Up

Nitin Kumar Parashar


Arvind Balaji

2nd Runner Up

Anindya ghosh

Finalists Runner Up

Nikhil patil

Sarvan kumar

Shweta vohra

The Award

Thesis submission

All the applicants for the award have to submit the thesis online in a prescribed format. All of the theses will be scored by a team of judges for screening round and top theses will be accepted for second round.

The selected thesis will again be assessed by a panel of judges on the basis of predefined criteria. The best 6 theses will be selected to be presented at the annual conference of CSI.

[Note: Review of thesis will be blinded to conceal the identities of the Presenters, guides, co-guides and institutions from the Judges and vice versa.]

Presentation of the awardees

The awardees will be invited to annual conference of CSI to present their theses in front of the panel of judges.

The top 3 theses will be selected for the final award. The remaining ones will be awarded the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’. IHJ will provide 10,000 Rs travel support for the top presenters who would have reached the final round, subject to conditions.

Award committee

Chief Advisors

  • P P Mohanan
  • P S Banerjee
  • Mrinal Kanti Das
  • K C Goswami
  • P K Deb

Scientific Advisors

  • C N Manjunath
  • D S Gambhir
  • H K Chopra
  • K K Sethi
  • Prafulla G Kerkar
  • S S Kothari
  • Santanu Guha
  • S Shanmugasundaram
  • Suman Bhandari
  • V K Bahl


  • B P Singh
  • Sanjay Tyagi
  • Dhiman Kahali
  • S. Shanmugasundaram
  • D P Sinha
  • Debabrata Roy

Chief Coordinator

Rakesh Yadav


India Heart Journal


Aditya Kapoor
Executive Editor

Mohit D Gupta
Executive Editor

Nitish Naik
Executive Editor

P B Jayagopal
Associate Editor

Surender Deora
Assistant Editor

Selection Criteria

Criteria for The Screening Round

Novelty of research
Methodology & Result

(study methods are appropriate, data is adequately analyzed)

Writing skill
Scientific Importance